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Created by musician and producer Baladeva Nitai (Bruno Tonelli), it aims to produce music that comes from the soul of artists. A cozy studio, always ready to receive from any area of ​​art and culture that it provides from any audio service.  


- Why Goura Shakti?


You will feel at home to produce your work, and the value of your work, being true, cannot be measured by the financial price, but by the "golden" gold that is your achievement.


-What is the difference for other studios?


In addition to the dynamics in production, optimizing his time, as techniques and experiments of the producer, the same being a world music artist, having traveled almost all continents in the largest World Music fairs in the world, and having a super open and expansive reference of music, in addition to being able to work together and recognize that the work of production is the work of both the producer and the artist, the focus of the studio is to materialize your work, and besides being a mobile studio that can record tracks and ideas anywhere in the world, as has been done a few times ... the price for your production is personalized.


In addition, it acts as an agency and has distribution partners for its music in all the most important online stores, and has instructions for the production of your album if you wish. Browse the page and listen to what has already been produced here.


We are here to serve you.

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