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At Natya Yoga, we give a genuine experience that communicates with everyone. Being firmly rooted in s tradition that deals with the soul, we use aspects that are culture-specific with all due respect - since we are authorized and recognized by that tradition - to reach that which is common to people from all times and places. So those who are with us become part of something that is culturally genuine and respectful. Since these traditional Indian Arts are a heritage for the entire humanity, they are a precious right to all of us as far as we deal with them in a way that is not ethnocentric nor colonialist. No matter how good our intentions are, there might be an ocean of gaps between our views and background that separates us from this cultural package that brings together philosophy, aesthetics, and way of practicing, living, and perceiving our internal and external worlds. And we are the bridge that can fill that gap. At the same time that our background gives us an understanding of the difficulties, cultural differences, views, and expectations that students might have, our experience of decades, backed by the greatest amongst the most respected traditional and creative artists of India, assure those who are with us that they are walking a safe, appropriate, and enriching path that can leverage all the best they bring with them, at the same time that they can access what they lack.

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